Hi, I have searched the Community to see if anyone else has already written similar feed back. I would like to know if anyone else finds the ‘Bookmarks’ a little frustrating? and if any one knows of any improvements happening in the pipe line?

Mobile ios

Adding ‘Folders’ and 'Bookmarks’

  1. To create a new folder I first have to go to ‘Bookmarks,’ scroll through to where I need to put it, make this new folder. Then I have to exit from this area and then go to ‘add bookmark’ and scroll through every thing again then add it?

Please can you improve this, so every thing can be done from one place?

  1. Can You please, also, change the default setting within bookmarks so that, only the ‘Parent Folders’ show?

  2. Why does there have to be ‘Other Bookmarks?’ Just because most other browsers have this, why does Brave have too? Whats the point of having this?


Adding then viewing bookmarks is messy
I can add a bookmark via the ‘bookmark shortcut’ but I cannot also access it? I have to go to the main menu to access it ?

Tags instead of Bookmark Folders
Just a thought, I would consider ‘Bookmark Folders’ to be old style. Could you not change over to ‘Tags’ and ‘Nested Tags?’

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I also can’t understand why adding new bookmark is not simple as possible and intuitive:

  1. Click ‘add bookmark’.
  2. Choose a destination folder (with no unfolded folders tree by default! I have 10 folders and in each of these ca. 5 sub-folders in 3-4 levels down.)
  3. Click save.
  4. Possibly, add tag. END.

That’s all. Like downloading and saving file on a hard disk. Simple and intuitive.

I also can’t understand the idea of desktop bookmarks and mobile bookmarks folders by default. I use tablet equally to my desktops. I need to have everything in one place and have a possibility to manage everything equally from all devices.