Bookmarks iOS Byzantine Folders are D U M B

Used to really enjoy using browsers on my iPhone because I can click on the bookmarks button and instantly I could just see my list of bookmarks but now for some reason Brave has a bookmarks button and then I have to click if I want mobile or desktop bookmarks, and then I have to click the folder the bookmarks are in so there’s three clicks were before it would remember where I was at and I didn’t have to click anything but one. It is very annoying and I don’t see what you guys are trying to improve because frankly it is not an improvement. Apple has done the same thing with the Safari browser by making you click on a button and then decide if you want history or favorites and then if you want favorites do you want …

Stop nesting things three folders deep it is s tupid.

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I agree that this is a big regression in version 1.33 on iOS.

Brave, please fix this. Why can’t we click Bookmarks and just be there?

This happened last year, and it was fixed after a lot of feedback.

PLEASE. This is very annoying and I don’t want to use another iPhone browser.

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Was going to report this exact same issue, so I’m glad others have noticed it as well. If there’s only one folder, you may as well pre-select it. Or just default to landing in the last folder that a bookmark was selected from. Thanks in advance for fixing this.

I made a thread about this too, good to see I’m not the only one!

If you go to Settings>General you should see a “Show Last Visited Bookmarks” option to enable. You’re welcome.

Doesn’t work. Thank you.

It worked for me. Thanks for the fix.