Mobile Bookmarks - Foldered

Hi, using iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 15, latest version of brave browser, bookmarks are now sitting within a ‘Mobile Bookmarks’ folder that you have to tap on to then open a list of bookmarks. This behaviour has changed from just showing all your bookmarks. Can we please revert this or create an option if this is the new implementation to just auto load the mobile bookmarks folder? Thanks.

I agree, this is a backwards step in an otherwise excellent product. Please revert it back like it was.

I also agree. I use bookmark folders, and when using the bookmark shortcut on the top left, it now reverts to the mobile bookmarks folder, making me drill down every time. Please revert, so it stays in the last folder used.

I don’t think developers / staff even care. This is the second thread complaining about this and not even a single respond or acknowledge or anything.

If you go to Settings>general there should be an a “Show Last Visited Bookmarks” option to enable. You’re welcome.

The latest brave update has fixed this issue. Your suggested method, which I just tried just now didn’t work for me though.