Bookmark not saved when adding to a new folder

Please advise when bookmarks is going to get some attention. Since switching to Brave about a year ago bookmarks has never worked properly. When I add a new bookmark via the New Folder option either the folder doesn’t get created or the folder does get created but the bookmark isn’t saved. When trying to compile interesting topics and important health articles this can be very frustrating as websites are lost.
Also, are there any plans to have better bookmark management to allow full control and moving of bookmark folders to different folders?
I generally add bookmarks from iOS so this is my mine bookmark “store”. If sync across devices worked again I’d sync to desktop and manage there but obviously it doesn’t and hasn’t done for a long time. When will sync for iOS be available?
Apart from these issues I love Brave! It’s the best.

Oh yeah, and bookmark search would be good! Any plans?