IOS Bookmarks Don’t Stay Where I want them to and where is the multi select option?

Last night o switched over to the Brave Browser and as I’m getting used to everything I notice on my phone that anytime I reopen my bookmarks it has taken me all the way back to mobile bookmarks. As someone who doesn’t use mobile bookmarks and instead saves everything to my desktop bookmarks this can be a little tedious and unnecessary. I think it would be nicer if the app could remember where I last was. I also noticed that there isn’t any option to select and open multiple bookmarks at once. This is a feature I’m heavily used to, and kind of expect at this point, in other browsers I’ve used. So to not have this option is a little jarring. It’s also making the switch to Brave a little frustrating since both of these things are features I usually use often in a browser.

So I see that the IOS Brave app for the iPad does not have the same problem and is able to keep which folder I was in previously, though the always start at the top of that folder and not where I left off. Of course this wouldn’t be a big deal to someone with minimal bookmarks but I have hundreds, if not thousands, of bookmarks as well as dozens of folders.

Another thing I noticed is that neither of the IOS apps, iPhone or iPad, have a search function in the bookmarks. I definitely find that to be an important feature when I can’t remember where I saved something.