Folders should be collapsed for adding bookmarks

Adding bookmarks would be much faster if folders were collapsed.
What is the counter argument here? Why was it implemented like this in the first place.

I absolutely agree and can hardly believe it is not standard on any mobile platform (using Android).

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+10000! Without this managing bookmarks or adding bookmarks on iOS/ipadOS is incredibly tiring! I have a ton of bookmarks and find myself constantly scrolling down until my fingers wear out and hurt!

To counter act this I now tend to go on my computer and use Desktop Chrome along with switching to chrome on my devices at times to access these bookmarks. This is what keeps me from fully using Desktop and iOS/ipadOS Brave since I know I won’t be able to effectively organize my knowledge through bookmarks.

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Came here to suggest exactly this. I do a lot of research and calling my bookmarks cluttered at this point is an understatement to say the least. Would definitely streamline the UI with this feature.

Agree completely. Saving a bookmark is very time consuming with all folders open. I have a lot & some are getting mixed up as a result. Even a setting with the option to access folders “open” or “collapsed”. Desktop version works well in this regard.

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(Android) Totally agree - the folders can be collapsed when accessing an existing bookmark, so I’d really appreciate that behavior when adding a new bookmark too.

Also please offer option to remember the last opened folder. Using Desktop Bookmarks only (syncing) I always have to start from Mobile Bookmarks > Go Back > Desktop Bookmarks > (the only stuff I look at)

Wow! The suggestion is from 2021, but has not yet been made!
Now we have 2024. Unbelievable.

Maybe developers need to learn something about “prioritizations”, what needs to be done first and what should be done later?

For example:
First — do and add absolutely “basic” things/elements to browser
Last — add unnecessary functions like “screen time”/“web3”