User/password pop up from Brave almost as annoying as Ads

keep getting the little user/password window popping up on EVERY page after signing into many web sites, including when using my Pi with Ocotprint . it continues to pop up long after signing in. it’s kinda annoying. how to fix please? thanks.

The reasoning is fairly technical and I will provide links if you (or anyone) are interested in further explanation. In short:

  • Some websites implement an “invisible login form” that the user cannot see nor are they alerted about it
  • On the next page (after you login), a third-party tracking script is run and the “invisible” form is filled with data entered into the browsers password manager entered for that site
  • The script then retreieves the login email and sends email hashes to 3rd party servers

Even shorter: Popups let you know your data may get watched. When you autofill a form field, you the dropdown in the form field itself.

Additionally, at your own risk, you can set a flag to stop this behavior -

  1. Type Brave://flags into the address bar
  2. Search for a flag called #Fill-on-account-select
  3. Set this to Disabled, relaunch when prompted

Please let me know if any of this needs further explanation. Here are some useful links for more information on this tracking technique:
See this in action:
Further reading (same site):
Our GitHub issue on this:

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Thanks, that worked! :slight_smile:

I have this issue too, but I actually don’t want the the password pop-up to disappear, instead I want the “Manage Passwords” pop-up to disappear. When I use the touch screen on my laptop, it always selects the manage passwords instead of the password that I want to fill in. I have to use my mouse when I want to use the password manager.
Is there a way of filling in the password automatically instead of the pop-up?

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