Brave keeps saving login info even though I have autofill turned off

I turned off the autofill options for offering to save passwords and autologin weeks ago and deleted everything that brave had saved or that appeared to have been imported from previous browsers. However, brave still tries to fill in login information for me. This includes a website that I visited and created an account for the first time last week, long after I turned off all autofill options.

How do I get brave to stop these pop-ups? They make it difficult to use my actual password manager because the black pop-up window appears on top of the password manager’s window (LastPass).

This issue is most prevalent on the desktop version (windows v 1.21.77), however I have noticed the autofill bar popping up when I use brave on my android.

Furthermore, every time that I open the brave settings to try to get rid of the autofill pop ups, the login information that I would like to delete is not stored there. This makes me more concerned.

The only extensions that I have ever installed on brave are my actual password manager (LastPass) and MalwareBytes. The former’s login pop-ups appear as expected (though ‘under’ the brave login pop-up that I would like to get rid of) and the latter doesn’t have anything to do with saving login information or form-filling.

Please go to Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data and ensure that the Autofill form data option is selected and clear this data.

Hi. I have the same issue. I clear all saved dat several times a day. That is not resolving the issue. Thank you.

iOS 14.4.1

Where do you see the autofill options appear after clearing your browsing data?

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