Auto-fill passwords getting in the way!

I like the ability to pick one of multiple logins I have for a website with auto-fill, but that model box just gets in the way! You can get it to go away by putting a cursor in another text box (not convenient), but worse if it’s behind the big auto-fill box or there no other text boxes you can’t see anything and can’t get it to go away if you don’t want to use it.

Hi @reedcom,
Can you elaborate more? I’m not really sure about your issue.

And what is your Brave version, OS, also can you provide an example site and screenshot or recording or the issue?


Please make sure you search for your issue before posting to see if someone else has already addressed this issue:

Perhaps if we got a timely update where the issue was patched, you
wouldn’t have people opening up bug reports for 6 month old issues.

I consider this a top tier security issue and I’m holding off
promoting Brave browser to my clients, friends and followers until I
see it fixed… satisfactorily. …just FYI.


Already fixed. Moving down the pipeline.

That’s good news. Any idea when the patch will hit beta or release?

@crogonint you can see the milestone on the right sidr of GitHub issue. If not changed, the fix will hit stable release with 0.64.x.

Yeah…I’m replying from my email eljuno, but thx. I’m home now,so I’ll
look in to it myself. :slight_smile: