Uphold rejects account verification, so what happens now?

Seriously, why only one way to withdraw BAT rewards? Uphold rejected my application and now, nothing?

Uphold is literally THE worst, sent me a link for a survey that expired after one day. Ledger supports BAT, why not make that available? Instead of some super dodgy exchange like uphold.

So my BAT are useless? Can’t be withdrawn or traded? It’s a shame as Brave did look promising but seems to be a dead ender.

Hi @deepstare,
Sorry the the experience. Please contact Uphold Support in regards to you account not being verified.
A KYC Uphold account is not necessary. You can still use BAT for tipping. The only cases in which a user must have an KYC Uphold account are withdrawals or depositing funds

Appreciate the reply but I did contact them and they said they can’t offer me an account or explain why or change their decision.

And I just said that, without an uphold account the BAT are stuck in the browser, no way to withdraw or deposit. So please explain to me how an uphold account isn’t necessary?

I suppose I should count myself lucky and there are multiple posts on here from people losing all their BAT. Really is a shame that Brave can’t get it together, can’t see it lasting like this.

Exactly, the browser has access to the BAT where you can tip anyone, but yourself. You just can’t trade BAT for cash.

Yes I know that, thanks.

As I’ve said twice before… it’s not possible to withdraw or deposit if one doesn’t have an uphold account

Yep, unless they give the restore phrase, or access to the private key, you are stuck.

Seriously, this Uphold account issue is painfully horrible.

They close your account and don’t provide any useful feedback on why that happens, I have been in communication with the support team for over a week, and nothing useful.

It would be brave to have other options available to users of the Brave browser.

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At some point they’ll have to offer other wallet options. Uphold is just really hamstringing this browser. As for support, I’m not all that confident that English is their first langauge.

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Looks like Gemini would be the next way to go, but I don’t think they’ve implemented support for users yet. They only support publishers account at the moment.

Ah, that’s right I forgot about that. Don’t what’s going on with the US exchanges, I’ve been trying to get verified by Gemini for over 2 weeks now.

They are a lot more solid than Uphold so fingers crossed.

I’d assume you have a creator’s account with Brave then…

yes, I mean I guess I could tip myself and then withdraw through gemini but was hoping to avoid the hassle

Please do not tip your own channels. Self-tipping is highly likely to get your account flagged by our fraud detection.

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