No Uphold wallet, how can I move rewards to Brave wallet?

I was denied an Uphold wallet a long time ago for no reason even after providing all the requested documentation (I live in the US and have no criminal history), and they never explained why and said there was nothing I could do to get one. Flash forward to now and I have a bunch of BAT in my rewards, not linked to any wallet, but it says “Disconnected” on the Uphold dropdown. How can I move those BAT rewards to the new Brave wallet?

Thank you for reaching out.

If you’d like, you can DM me with the email you used to try and open your Uphold account and I can reach out to our contacts to see if I can find out the reason you were denied and/or if it was done rightfully.

Alternatively, you can also try signing up/verifying with Gemini and have your BAT transferred that way.

Let me know.

Hi, I have BAT tokens I would like to move to the new Brave wallet I created.
Can the developers add Brave wallet to the drop down menu as an option
along with Uphold and Gemini please?

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