I can't transfer my rewards to uphold wallet?

it s been really long time to couldnt do this process. I am still ok to use a browser that doesn’t include any ads except brave’s. But you guys told us that give some bat tokens :slight_smile:

Easiest method is to Create a Uphold account 1st (and verify it) then goto brave rewards page and click that smol settlings icon in “YOUR WALLET” and in “restore” section there’s a hyperlink saying “connecting to a uphold account” bla bla bla

Now connect/approve brave to that uphold account , and on Next payout date you’ll receive BAT automatically in your uphold account

And the other method is , wait for 15+ BATS, then the browser will ask you to open an Uphold account and verify it …

Hi. Thank you for the quick reply. I can’t backup my account neither recover. Also my account is verified. Also lost more than 10 bat before don’t know where they are. I dont think i will click brave’s ads anymore :slight_smile: who knows what will happen after 15 bats:)

Screenshot 2021-08-08 at 16.29.40

click on “Connecting to a verifed Uphold Wallet” in Backup section , written in blue color

I did. It directs me my uphold account and still the same.

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