Uphold verified for almost a year, now missing payouts for jan/feb, low payout march, no payout april

noticed today there’s only 0.12 BAT in my wallet currently, so i did a little digging… noticed i got 0.2 BAT payout in march, along with missing payouts for the 2 months before… i’ve been uphold verified for almost a year and average 4-5 BAT/month every single month, up until the beginning of 2022.

  • january: no payout
  • february: no payout
  • march : 0.2 BAT
    current april: 0.12 BAT

what’s going on with this? i haven’t changed any settings. i haven’t done anything different. no changes in my use of the browser, always on my computer working 10 hours a day, use brave faithfully on my devices… but now i’ve realized something went wrong somewhere because i went from 4-5 BAT/month payouts to my uphold wallet for all of 2021, then 2022, i have had a TOTAL of 0.2 BAT deposited.

can i get a tech to help me figure out what happened/why this is happening/what went wrong? again, i’m uphold verified and i haven’t changed anything since i first set up brave in 2021, but all of a sudden theres no payouts. maybe there was a bug during an update at some point that i missed or something?

hopefully a brave tech can help me get to the bottom of this. i have all my payout receipts from 2021 if needed, but i have no idea why they stoppped. ads/rewards are still the same set up they’ve always been.

(hopefully) thanks in advance.


I have been watching this train wreck since my last legit payout on Uphold in Nov-Dec 2020. It has been one Loooooooong wreck… LoL

The Device Limit Removal merry-go-round made me throw up. So I just been eating popcorn, watching ads for free, and laughing at every month’s excuses.

But Hey, Maybe April-May will be the one… :-/


True True… Took me about a year and 10k plus ads viewed to see it clearly. The Device Limit scam. but I am sure they got revenue for our views.


every bat which we earned by getting ads ore now disappeared or we received less. but from march, many users have not received any payout and I’m from one of them. So as much I know we should forget our march payout because that huge chunk of payment from all users is deposited in one of the developer wallets. So now no hope of getting the march payout and crossed fingers for the April payout and other futures payout


Why @nawaab what’s the problem with brave buddy

I can see Ur targeting them again and again

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yeah, i’ve been struggling all this year too - my last legit payout was from october 2021.
now i know my profile has been wrongly “flagged” and no-one at brave seems to care - best i got was a stock “payments are still processing!” when front and centre on this website it said payments were done for the month.

idk what’s going on with brave but it feels like it’s collapsing rn with bug after bug, and people are getting sick of all the delays, awful communication and treatment with the terrible excuses. @poz made a lot of sense with his ‘ponzi scheme’ hypothesis, and honestly, i cant find a solid counter to his argument.


Interesting comments. I’ve had NO problems with getting my BAT (via Uphold) payments, other than a slight hiccup in Feb/Mar of this year because of Uphold’s additional KYC questions that you have to answer on Uphold’s website. Brave was initially slow to make this known, but quickly posted info on how to clear this up…again, via Uphold. Perhaps, that is the issue for some of you.

Brave has changed the amount of BAT earned to view ads, but that is not surprising. As more people use Brave browser, they have to reduce the payout, but I still consistently get ads/earn BAT via desktop and Android…YMMV.

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Have you answered the additional KYC questions that Uphold required back in Feb/Mar? If not, that’s probably your issue. Good luck.


UPDATE: Now my Brave Wallet has been mysteriously flagged…?

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How to check if profile is flagged?

Brave, the ponzi scheme Brave?

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As more people use Brave browser, they have to reduce the payout

How on earth does that make sense?

If ad viewership funds the payouts then more users would mean more funding.

What really makes sense is the funds are being funneled upwards towards the company and shareholders.

Likely the people on the top are earning whats not beind paid out to the users generating the ad viewership.

If you drew it out it would look a lot like a triangle.

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Come on man what’s wrong with you

Chill buddy evening will be fine

Be patient



Uh, because they only have so much supply. They can’t continue to have increased payouts as the community grows or they’d have to issue more supply which would likely devalue BAT.

I love how people whine about getting “free” money/rewards, Brave never had to go that route to pay anything. I know, but, but “ponzi scheme”.

Don’t like Brave or how it operates, there are plenty of other browsers out there for you to use…or you could always start your own and show us all how it’s done.

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Agree 100%

I am only about 30% on Brave. Mozilla is my go to now. And playing with a few others like Opera.

Will probably be totally off Brave by end of May. Shut ads off. The device limit has cost me hundreds of BAT in the last 2 years. I had really high hopes to have hung around this long. But I am over it. Deleting Uphold also.

I will √ back here in June to see if it is the same sad clown show. A train wreck for sure.

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Any other info re Uphold, should be at:

yep, i’m with you on this one. think i’m it’s about time to move on without brave.

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so, i did an extended post in this forum about it, and one of the support staff actually got back to me. for anyone still struggling with being flagged, it might help (but probably wont).


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