Verified with Uphold, Brave rewards says I have the amount of BAT but It shows 0 at my Uphold

The title has pretty much described my problem. Technically, on my Brave Rewards page, it says I have (x) amount of BAT and when I opened my uphold account, It says 0, and I did not receive an email confirming that any payment was being transferred as it did 5 months ago.

Also, Ads are rarely showing up now.


Same issue everywhere here, they said the would have fix it with a release but it didn’t. After a week I did not received an answer on my personal case, now I’m forced to think they are manipulating the price by preventing people from selling their tokens. This is OTRAEGEOUS.


Facing the same issue! Last payout was Feb, 2021. No payout for March and April. This is really frustrating.

Hope @steeven makes a note of this and fix it.


I been having this issue aswell.


I think so, ever since BAT is increasing. This issue started, they are hesitating of something.

Doesn’t it deposit monthly like Brave Creator?

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I have the same problem, i will reply this until someone from brave explain this! Please… What is happening?

It was until it stopped 5 months ago


Ok, after trying everything, including a private message to the guy who should have fixed this issue and 10 days without a single answer I came to a simple conclusion: they are SCAMMING people. They were expecting a market pump like everyone else in this environment, but coincidentally a insane amount of people stopped getting paid since March. For someone went even worse, a lot of people (like me) NEVER received 95% of their tokens. This way they prevent people from selling their BATs, and now the market is about to crash, I can bet the “issue” will eventually fixed after BAT losing 90% of its value. Very good job, I’m uninstalling this scam application.

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I sent a private to that guy almost 2 weeks ago, i think he didn’t even read.
Brave browser is scamming people and I will ensure everyone in the world will know it, I personally knew quite a number of influencers on the web, they f up with the wrong person and won’t get away with it, this is a damn promise.

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Yeah, I tried to message him as well. I will give them another month. If there are no reply, I am going back to chrome.

i use brave but I am not getting an ads even though i used it for several hours

Exactly, They were good and it’s almost another month now. I am starting to feel tricked by the company that I used to trust.

I honestly believe alot of these problems are uphold related, soon we will have access to Gemini soon, I hope making the switch solves alot of issues we’re witnessing

Hmm, I think so to because when I was trying to receive my BAT, it says that they can’t verify my uphold(?) which is weird and I’ve been using it for years now.

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