No payout March 2021

Hello there,

Last month I wrote a topic because I had more than 60 BAT for a few months and I didn’t receive any payout.

@steeven told me that I’ll get them this month but all payouts for verified and unverified wallets are done and I still have nothing…

I don’t wanna publish a tearful topic but, just to let you know, if I started using Brave that was mainly because even 5$/month can help me buying food (students’ situation is really hard in France now)…

So, I put here some screenshots and I hope that I will get some good news here and not an answer like “Don’t worry, next month you’ll get it!” without any action following it…

Computer 1:

Computer 2:

Uphold account linked to Brave:

I will end this topic with some apologies, I know that this company grew really quickly, and maybe there are not enough people in the support team to help everyone so maybe, only maybe, my message can be perceived as harsh or violent, and, trust me, I am very sorry but even if I forget my current situation, promises without actions piss me off like nothing else…

Thank you for reading my message


Thanks for following up. We’ve just deployed a fix! The fix is currently in Nightly and will be in Release version soon. This was an elusive bug and I really appreciate your patience here. Once the fix is in your entire balance will port to your Uphold wallet and will continue to do so as you earn new BAT. Thanks again for your patience here, I know that it’s been incredibly frustrating.


The title post is misleading. As mentioned in our DM’s the team has been investigating this issue. While I thought that it would go into affect this past payment, it is currently inn Nightly. I assure you that you will get all BAT owed to you.


Thanks for your response and your reactivity!
Will I wait until next month or will my BAT’s get credited on my Uphold account in some days/hours ?

I am also in the same boat for the last several months.

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I received my referral reward in December 2020. I refer before the refer program ended. In January, February,March 2021 my bat doesn’t transfer to my uphold.So why my bat is not transfer to my uphold???
I am waiting for my payment

Howdy All,
I haven’t got my Rewards for March on 2 computers (with unverified wallets) Regards Captain Proton

Is there a similar situation with the referral program? My account was suspended, but I got it back on February 26th. On March 9, I received my Brave Rewards, except for the last BATs of the referral program.

My Brave browser doesn’t show a”collect rewards” button anymore nor do I receive my full balance of collected BAT. What’s going on developers?

i do suffer the same problems: I haven’t got my Rewards into my (unverified) BAT wallets for March on all our 3 computers in my household

Same here, this month i couldnt claim my BAT (from ads). No "collect rewards "button on march 5.

Seems I’m not the only Cowpoke still chasing his Rewards. Maybe y’all oughta message that Steeven Fella: image steeven is a moderator

Brave Support


Still in the same boat. Not even the great Lord Steevan can solve this issue.

Do y’all think they maybe ran clean outta Bats and gotta Round up another herd?
Captain Proton

@steeven Friend, I am still waiting for my bats left in my Publisher account! years working with brave and it is sad to see that I do not receive payment for something that I put in so much effort! . My bats there are from months ago installations and correct use. I sent you DM

Well fellas I just had a little Tete a Tete with Steeven and about why I wasn’t getting any Ads or Bats or Rewards and here is his Reply
“Your wallet has been flagged for irregular activity and will not be paid out.”
That’s it.
No Explanation of what the " Irregular" Activity is or was
No saying he was gonna look into it Further
Just " Tough luck Fella all your Bats ain’t worth Diddly Squat Cos we say so"
I’m wondering if any ofyou goodfolk have any suggestions what to do next or if there is someone else I can Talk to.
Any help would be mighty Appreciated
Captain Proton

@CaptainProton that’s bad dude, unfortunately I think nothing more could be done here since they are the ones running the biz here and as far as I know steeven is in charge of the rewards/payments… maybe other member of the team could take a look on it but that’s up to them is they can and/or want to

Yes, but it has been going on for several months I think since November of last year when they announced the decrease in rewards, I lost about 30 bat. Now in 2 months I will hardly collect 2,5 bats.