Uphold reward payout notice for users

If only now we could reconnect our wallets. Looks like it went from not paying ads to disconnect wallets randomly, giving an error if you try to reconnect…

I can confirm this. 3 verified devices (2pc 1 mobile) and one single deposit on uphold.


This was from a user who did not receive a combined payment:

I think I saw a couple more. I will post them here as I run across them if the information is not already posted!

@nawaab Never mind. Ignore my first post. Right there in Ads Payout Status update - sheesh. I need to stop just looking at the dots and read every once in a while. :wink:

NOTICE : For Uphold users, payments will now appear as one deposit into your Uphold account, rather than an individual deposit for each wallet verified/linked to your Uphold account. Example: If you have 3 browsers verified with Uphold, each earning 1 BAT for the month, you will receive a deposit into Uphold for 3 BAT.

I hope those who have only received a partial payment get the payouts on their other devices!

Actually the dots color is pretty misleading :sweat_smile:

Agreed! In fact, when I first joined the community I interpreted them backwards. I think a lot of new community members do! Even when I found out that the red dot meant complete, it didn’t make sense to me. A veteran helped me understand:

Thanks this seems like a good enhancement.

Hmm I’m not sure… single deposits are easier to track.

Yeah, @HighPriestess42 knows their stuff and has helped me out at least once. Hence why I would love a FOLLOW button dangit!!


I’ve not had any BAT added to my wallet for the past two months. This seems very long - how can I verify whether there’s been a problem or if it’s the delayed payout situation?

this is the sign already, you should have received every month around 2nd or 3rd week.
for that, you need to DM the mods for them to look into your wallet and hopefully be fixed.

i still havent received my 4/7 payments

Why still my pay out progress
I’m still waiting my pay out
But still not received
Can you help me :pleading_face:

Thank you for your response - how can I DM the mods?

as per my previous experience, I dm @steeven and @Mattches

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Posted earlier for those who still didn’t receive a payout. I think they are going to be looking at these submittals now and not so much DMs. The first is for unverified wallet payment and the second if for Uphold. Sorry, posted the wrong one initially and had to edit - just left them both. :grin:


I see you everywhere crying for payout, if you did not receive raise a complaint and wait for a resolution. This month 96% of users received their payment. Those whose payment is pending will get a claim option. Just claim and bat will transfer in few minutes just after claiming


@nawaab I think you are confused. @Chocoholic is all over the place, but they are helping people with issues, not crying about payout.


Come on @nawaab what do you want why are you so rude here

I have noticed you are spreading rudeness instead of helping communiity so stop this nonsense and help community as much as you can and try to understand what others mean

@Herrvader totally agree



@nawaab I received payment only for the rewards on my mobile browser. Rewards for laptop browser disappeared. I’ve opened a post for that.