Multiple Browsers Only 1 Payment


I have multiple Brave Browsers, one at home and one at work for example. They are different wallets, I didn’t bother importing the wallet from one to the other. Both wallets are verified to my Uphold account, however I have only received the payment to Uphold from one browser not both Browsers!

However both browsers show that next payment is due 6th August so it seems to be only paying out for one Browser.

Essentially I’m only getting half my rewards due!

It need take time for them to fully distribute your bat to uphold. For what I experience last month also same u won’t see both wallet credited into the same uphold account in same day. It will take few day for your both wallet BAT credited in uphold.

Ok thank you. I will wait some time and see then thanks. Maybe I will import my home wallet to work to avoid this in the future.

@JustAnotherLapras - I am using a similar strategy, but have linked my home, work and mobile browsers to the same wallet. As @marcusoh pointed out, they can take some time to process. Additionally, the payout date, July 5th was a weekend and a holiday weekend in the U.S. - check out the July payments MegaThread for additional information (MEGATHREAD: July 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support) I am hoping for an updated sync mechanism that will allow for not only BAT & wallents to sync from device to device, but favorites, etc. as well.

@jesse.cail you must be using Android? I can’t find a way to import a wallet on iOS. On a good note, all 3 browsers now (home, work, iOS) have all received their rewards for the month. Cheers.

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