Receiving only a portion of BAT tokens during payout

Hi All, been using Brave browsers on my PC, laptop and mobile phone for the last 2 months. During the payout for the first month, I only received a portion of the total accumulated BAT (from three devices) in the Uphold account and so, I decided to keep an eye on my BAT during the second month. And in the second month (July), I counted my BAT before payout—
PC = 1.23 BAT
Phone = 0.604 BAT
Laptop = 0.6325 BAT
Total = 2.4665 BAT

But in my uphold account, I only received 0.605 BAT altogether for all the devices in one transaction. So just to clarify,

  1. Does Brave always compile the accumulated BATs from different devices and send them together as one transaction to your uphold account?
  2. Does Brave take a share of the BAT or something since I only received 1/4th of the actual BAT I was supposed to get?

It’s sad if this is intentional and if more people are dealing with this issue? Or am I doing something wrong?

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Dude, I also faced this issue
Brave is removing some portions before payment. I don’t know the reason why.

Payment is still in process wait more!
maybe they will add rest bat later

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You have in total 3 accounts. You received the rewards for your phone. Since the payout is still in progress you will receive your BAT for Laptop and PC shortly since those payouts are handled separately.

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Shiesh, I feel super let down by this :frowning: Hope it gets resolved soon

Oh? I thought about this but the ‘payment pending’ message has disappeared from my PC and my laptop. Is it common for it to send the BAT currency as separate transactions to the uphold account?

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Don’t worry the reward payment has been initiated that’s the reason “payment pending” message has disappeared.

@Black_Hat @Adison Hey guys, just wanted to update—Just received the BAT tokens for PC (1.23 BAT) at 10:25 AM, 10th August. Payment for the laptop is still pending but since the PC payment came through, I’m feeling hopeful.

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@beefbinyanixd, Nice
one more thing I wanted to tell is that brave removes small portion like say for one device if you have 2.1 bat then you will receive only 2 bat and the rest will counted for the next month.

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