Combining BAT payouts

Hello all,

My first post here, and Im wondering something. So I use the Brave browser on my desktop, and I have x amount of BAT from the ads on my Uphold wallet. But I also have the Brave browser on my mobile phone and my iPad. So what Im wondering is the following:
Is it possible to combine the BAT payouts from all 3 of my devices onto my Uphold wallet? Instead of having 3 different Uphold accounts with 3 different payouts on each?


Welcome to Brave Community!

You do not need 3 Uphold accounts for each Brave Wallets. You can use only one uphold account to connect upto 4 devices/wallets (Brave Publisher/Creator’s account count as well)

Basically you can use only one uphold account and connect to your wallets, you’ll get paid directly to your Uphold account from connected brave wallets.


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