Hello, inquiries about Brave rewards (I am new)

Hello, good day to everyone,

I only have a few queries, in my case I use Brave as my browser on all my devices, but this day I received a payment from BAT with some pending:

  • In my Android browser, I have BAT that was not paid, how can I claim it?
  • On my work computer, I also have BAT pending (I use brave with Windows 7)
  • Finally, apart from the two devices I mentioned, I use 2 laptops in my house (one Windows 10 and one with Window 7), is there any way to consolidate all my rewards into one?

It should be noted that in all of them I have my Uphold account verified
I appreciate your help and I wish you a happy day

There is no way to consolidate all rewards into one, but rather if they are all connected to Uphold that is the only way all the rewards go to the Uphold balance. Each device has their own earnings separate from all other devices. As for the ones still pending, the payouts are still processing so hopefully they should process in a few days. Payouts can be delayed up to a week or so after and this month payouts began on July 7th.

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