Uphold requires you to complete KYC multiple times. They are holding back brave

We need an EU/UK alternative to uphold. I had an account for years. Completed all the kyc I needed back then. Withdrew to UK bank account etc.

A year later they wouldn’t let me use their service without answering all kinds of questions regarding income etc.

Just now after logging in I had to do KYC all over again. Numerous times. They wanted me to re-verify my bank account by sending them a transaction.
Decided to withdraw to crypto address instead. In order to do that you need to answer questions and take a selfie. Kind of creepy.

Anyway, I’m done with uphold, absolute crap exchange due to all the friction they have added to the service. The sad thing is, I only ever had to KYC ONCE with my bank account over a period of 20 years.

Needless to say, I can no longer stand using their service, and yes I created an account here just to express my displeasure. We need alternatives badly.


If you want any exchange to be added, kindly write to them. Thank you.
You might ask why so, though.

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