A wallet without verify difficulties!

I was trying to verify my account on Uphold and Uphold says that I’m included in “Non-Supported Geographies” list. So I cant get my wallet verified on Uphold due to a lot of funny sanctions against my country! therefore I can’t withdraw my BAT tokens. Why even bother and use a verified wallet? a lot of crypto wallets and exchanges work with no need to verify.
I think Brave should give users the option to withdraw funds to whatever wallet they want. and if that’s not an option please let people know before they even install the browser!

After all isn’t Crypto all about breaking borders and blah blah blah?

Sadly KYC is required by law. For now, Uphold is the only option for withdrawal.

Other option may be added in the future. Apologies for the inconveniences and thanks for the feedback.

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Thank You!
Just one more question. is this KYC requirement forever? or will Brave offer an alternative option for those who can’t access Uphold or any other verified wallet? :sweat_smile:


The team may add other option in the future.

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