KYC is a dealbreaker


Hello. I am very disappointed that a project with such great potential is doing this. I’ve been using crypto for about 4 years now. The greatest thing was the ability to do secure transfers without having to fill out loads of personal details for a third party which is none of their business.

Crypto transfers can be direct and simple. All you need is an address. You already have a verification system for our sites, and this KYC stuff completely negates all the advantages of crypto. Uphole (!) is already a monster to use. KYC is the last straw. I’ll just have to wait until someone else does this right.

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I agree, this kyc defeats the purpose of crypto and I will not support any currencies who enforce it. I’m out!


Yes, Uphold is the worst nightmare of Brave. I also posted a topic about this. But the team confirmed that they are busy to implement a solution by which you can use your own wallet instead of Uphold. Hope they are able to solve it soon. I agree fully that this is one of the biggest obstacles for further adoption. I am still patient and expect they come up with a good solution. But it needs to be solved with high prio.


This is actually a bit promising. If they are only too busy then maybe at some point we will able to do it without uphold. Direct to wallet makes sense financially as well as just the severe inconvenience.

I’m reasonably tech savvy and I found the whole process quite difficult, the worst part of course being uphold. For this to achieve wide uptake it needs to ‘just work’ with minimal effort from the site owners. It’s bad enough having to set up MetaMask, but then having to go through uphold as well makes it really cumbersome.

Thanks for posting this. I guess I’ll just keep an eye on things and see if the unneccesary steps are removed sometime. Cheers.

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