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Hi, I just tried to do a test withdrawal from uphold and was horrified to see that even with LTC they charge huge amount. (attached screenshot)

In the bad old days of banker money this kind of stuff was par for the course, but is it not possible to make payments directly to a wallet address and bypass the middleman?


Hi again @clickforafrica :wave:

ICYMI, Brave is exploring more way for this. Recently, they partner with Civic to provide the KYC process. See Civic to Offer Secure Identity Verification Services on the Brave Publisher Platform | Brave Browser for more info.



Thanks for the info, I was looking for something more in keeping with the crypto world, it seems strange when the payments begin in an already secure (blockchain) environment, which is designed specifically for peer-to-peer transactions to then go through an expensive, centralized payment processor.

Is there somewhere else that this kind of thing is being discussed? I have not been able to find such a place, but would appreciate any pointers. I don’t want to clutter this place up with off-topic stuff but I think this is something quite important. KYC systems are onerous, especially for people in the 3rd world with no banking facilities etc. The promise of crypto could revolutionize their lives if the freedom and permissionlessness is kept intact.

Some parts of the world, people also need to protect their identity from the “authorities” too, and being able to use direct crypto payments could be crucial in that.

Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining, I appreciate the work everyone is doing and I see the potential of all this.

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