When are wallet alternatives to Uphold coming?

Alternative wallet options to Uphold for external deposit/withdrawals have been mentioned in several community posts as “being worked on” or something similar. When can we Brave users expect them (or these) to be rolled out ? I like the Brave rewards for advertisments concept , but I wish to transfer BAT to the wallet of MY choice. Thanks.


Right! Using the Uphold service with the obligatory KYC procedure contradicts Brave’s privacy policy and leaves no choice for the user.


No ETA so far @sparksone. Thanks for your patience.

Well, even though new method will be added, KYC is still a requirement @igl95. Because of law.

+1 on this request.

I ran into an issue where Uphold were as effective as a chocolate fireguard. Not only did Uphold’s KYC process fail me, but it put into question whether Brave should have partnered with Uphold now I’ve seen how they conduct themselves. Not only did they keep my application in verification for over a week, but when I questioned how much longer it might take, then they refused to ask for any clarification and arbitrarily closed the account with no explanation or recourse. Clearly, the bar for improvement is extremely low, so any alternative to Uphold should be able to improve on what I experienced.


I’m currently having a minor issue with Uphold in which my account keeps disconnecting, but there are much bigger problems of a non-technical nature. See below my conversation with Uphold support, which was prompted by my having reviewed their terms of use in regard to the debit card they’re bringing out. I’m a life NRA member. I dumped Mastercard and Paypal over this sort of thing. Financial services trying to tell you what you can spend your money on is bad enough, but Uphold’s reluctant answer points to something more ominous. The only way to “determine” if a transaction needs to be reported as “suspicious activity” would be by recording not only the identities of the parties, but the details of the entire transaction, including what was bought and sold. Why is Brave partnering with a company who’s officers think they have the right to play Big Brother? I am both a contributor and publisher, but until the Brave team sees fit to produce an alternative to Uphold, I have no choice but to cash out and cease using Brave Rewards. Perhaps if the Brave team sees a lot of us doing this, it will light a fire under them.

Uphold Support (Uphold Support)

May 15, 2020, 9:13:12 AM MST

Hello John,

Thank you for your time and patience in regards to this matter, hope that your day is going great. Please be advised that we have consulted your inquiry with our legal team.

Uphold does indeed prohibit the use of its platform and card for unlicensed firearms transactions, even if they are legal according to local laws. Uphold was founded on the principle of democratizing financial access and freedom to its users, but to prevent us from being put in the position of determining which unlicensed sales are legal and which are not (and thus would require reporting to the government as suspicious activity), we have decided to not permit the use of our services for unlicensed firearm sales, even if they are legal. We certainly want to keep all our users happy, and we are very excited about all the new changes we have recently made (and a few more in the pipeline), but if you feel that this restriction is counter to your principles, we respect that and understand if you would like to take your business elsewhere.

Let us know if you have any doubts or further questions.


Valeria and the Uphold Team

Our FAQ: https://support.uphold.com

Our Blog: https://uphold.com/en/blog


May 12, 2020, 6:04:04 PM MST

I was just looking at your terms of service in relation to the new debit card, and came across something confusing. Specifically, a prohibition on “unlicensed” sales of firearms. I live in the United States. It is illegal to buy or sell a firearm here without going through a Federally licensed firearms dealer, only if the transaction crosses state lines, or if the transaction is taking place in a state which requires that it be done through a Federally licensed dealer. Otherwise, private party sales are legal, so long as the number of transactions per year for any individual is below the legally defined limit for “engaging in the business.” Please clarify what is meant by “unlicensed” in this context. Thank you.

John Dunlap

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No ETA so far. Thanks for your patience.