BAT not visible in Uphold Account

I have BAT sitting in my wallet, but when I go to transfer it to Uphold, it says there is nothing in the wallet to transfer. How do I fix this? I asked a couple of days ago and got no reply. Please help.


I have this same issue, i have linked multiple brave browsers (different accounts and computers) to my Uphold but i am not getting a majority of my tokens to show up.

Bump Still no reply.

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@steeven or any other brave worker… is there any way I can get a resolution on this please?

Thanks for reporting. We have an active issue on this that the team is investigating.

If you could DM me your Wallet ID, along with the following information for troubleshooting:

1.) Inspect the uphold dashboard page after logging into uphold.
2.) Click on “network”
3.) Find an API call called “me” in the list of API calls
4.) Click on Response
5.) Copy everything after “id”:" and before the closing " to get the UUID of the uphold user

Paste your Uphold ID in the thread.

Thank you in advance!

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@steeven Thank you for responding. I have sent you a PM regarding my issue.

@steeven haven’t had any reply to my DM. Please reply.

This dudes not even on the uphold page. lol. There’s no “network” anywhere. They pay you?

Hola tengo ese problema mis bat no se pasan a uphold

I have Months with the same issue. Solve it please!

I’m also having this issue. My browser rewards tab shows me a certain value, and I have a drastically different one in Uphold.

Reviewing activity in Uphold, it looks like I haven’t had a transfer into my wallet in 4 months.

Can you please provide additional troubleshooting steps or is there any further information that someone can provide to help move this along?

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