BAT disappeared after creating Uphold wallet

Today I tried to pull my BAT (about $200 worth) from Brave into my private wallet on my phone for the first time. When I tried to just withdraw it directly I was told I had to verify my wallet. Going through the extensive verification process created an Uphold wallet. Now my BAT is nowhere to be found. My Brave wallet and Uphold wallet are both empty. Please help me figure out how to fix this situation.

If instructed how I will gladly share my browser version and wallet info.

Don’t worry bro u will get ur bat asap same thing happened with me 2 day ago but i receive my all bat today…

Same thing happened to me at the start of the week on the desktop version, connected & verified uphold wallet and all my BAT disappeared. Nothing has come back as yet and all my balances are still 0. I’m still trying to resolve the situation will update you if anything changes for me.

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