Brave Wallet vs Uphold Wallet

Why would our BAT received from ad viewing not go to the Brave Wallet? What reasoning is behind using Uphold? Uphold shows you need a minimum of 25 BAT to open the account, which I never get on a monthly basis. And If what I am hearing is true and Uphold is charging up to 5 BAT to transfer the monthly rewards, is there a reason for rewards at all? While I have purchased BAT I am not going to transfer it to Uphold.


bats in brave wallet can be used only to tip

but in uphold you can
2) transfer it to another crypto or national currency
3)transfer it to your bank
4) other stuff can be found on their site

by the way they offer gemini now as alternative but for publisher only at least for now

and i would like also another option like we choose our wallet and put it our browser then it transfer it to our wallet despite which wallet we choose
and to accept also that would cost us fee for transferring


Ah… The light comes on.

Thanks Justsome1, your response is most appreciated.

loool @HawkSpiritweaver

thanks for you and you the most welcome :slight_smile:

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