Uphold Identity Verification ignored

I am not receiving rewards because it shows me a message:
“Complete identity verification to start receiving rewards.”
But I already have my identity verified in Uphold from the year 2020.

Could you go to Uphold and check if anything needs to be updated?
You can always try to contact Uphold to know more at

Is the document you used to verify still valid?
Is your address still valid and was it verified in 2020?
Some KYC requirements have changed over time. Just confirm with Uphold what may be missing.

@pablorosatti Most likely yours is not fully complete. So what usually happens for this is:

  1. Incomplete address. For example, I'm not able to verify my account with Uphold - #8 by Saoiray

  2. Not clicking on confirmation email

  3. Not providing additional information needed. For example, in 2022 Uphold requires all USA residents to complete a W9 form. So even if they had been verified before, it won’t be fully open and able until form is completed.

  4. CDD updates. This kind of goes with #3 but sometimes they need you to send in additional documentation, such as bank statements or something.

I’m assuming your issue is the first, that you verified with them but did not complete your profile. Therefore API says you haven’t finished verification.

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