Uphold ID verification Pending

Hello everyone
i created my account at uphold and even loaded some money into my wallet. During this time everything was fine until I decided to use the funds to make a purchase and that day was the start of my ordeal on uphold. I was asked to do the identity verification before proceeding with the transaction, which I did but to my surprise a message put on hold for identity verification
I quote: "Processing your ID document
Thanks for your patience while we review your information. We will contact you shortly when the process is completed. "
was sent to me on my page. I finally contacted support after 3 days of waiting to resolve the situation because it was taking too long.
just a support ticket update message was sent to me
I wrote several times to the support but all my effort went unanswered just the famous “we thank you for your patience”
At the time of writing this message, my uphold account still contains the funds but I do not have the hand to make any transaction and it has been 1 month since the problem is still there.
I wonder if one day I will be able to withdraw my money from there.

So,ebody know how to do ???
i need help .

Please get in touch with Uphold support team regarding your issue with Uphold account.