Problem verifying identity uphold

I create a Uphold account. And as you know we all should verify identity to use all full services…idid try to send my identity and took a live selfy I try it many times but always they say document not supported…anyone could help me

You may want to contact Uphold support team regarding account verification.

I did they r not helping saying upload acain and again with same problem

Hello @Hamza28000. I’m afraid that no one except Uphold can help for something that have to do only with Uphold. Just my opinion.

Thank you i will just leave the community and brave even delete uphold

Sorry to hear this @Hamza28000 . You must know that the team is working to find other ways to manage funds for everyone.

Yeah got same problem here also and now the step 5 won’t load anymore I already try 4 days til now. Almost an hour of waiting for step 5 loading still not load. An always deny if I send my I.d and selfei. What I.d do they need? Passport? Not all or US have a passport lol… We came to brave to earn not to pay for just and kyc or I.d…

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