Processing your ID document

Hi, I am from India. With browsing Brave Browser, I collect 47.500 BAT is the past month earning from Ads seen and the current month is 13.00 BAT. I am applying for account verification last 3 months ago but still today I didn’t verify. After login, it always shows “Processing your ID document - Thanks for your patience while we review your information. We will contact you shortly when the process is completed”. Can anyone help me out why I was stuck from verification?

If your issue is regarding “Uphold account” not being verified then reach out to the uphold support.

Go to Uphold > Click on “Help” floating button visible on bottom right corner > Live Chat > Enter your message describing your issue, soon someone will join the live session, tell them your issue.

If “Leave a message” option shows instead of “Live Chat” then simply click on Leave a message and enter your message mentioning your issue and send it, soon you’ll receive a mail from uphold support team.