Cannot verify ID with Uphold

I am trying to verify my ID using Uphold. I’m receiving multiple errors. It’s misidentfying images as not being jpgs when they are. It’s not accepting images taken via my smartphone.

I did succeed in getting it to accept my drivers license, but then it failed when it asked for a selfie.

Uphold is a mess. Is there any other option for completing this process?


Maybe It’s just a hold-up :joy:


Hi there you take 90 days after that you verified thank you

I laughed earlier as what you describe is exactly the same problem I face.

I wonder how all the others passed that stupid process. (Where is the time we called such processes wizards :wink:?)

Even more enoying is that there exist no work around or alternative.

Some day there will be (maybe) a solution. For now, just Be Brave :joy:

Sorry laughing again but all those stupid id verification processes have driven me insane :dizzy_face:. Try Binance once… hahahahaha another hahahaha by the time you have logged in you are bankrupted hahahaha whoohoo

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