We are having trouble communicating with Uphold. Try reconnecting. Is the fix released yet?

“We are having trouble communicating with Uphold. Try reconnecting”. This is the message I keep getting in my Brave Creators account over the last few weeks. I reconnect successfully and then next day, back to the same error message. I use Windows 10, 64 bit and keep my Brave browsers up to date, currently:
Version 1.31.88 Chromium: 95.0.4638.69 (Official Build) (64-bit). I have searched and read other posts on this topic and found old posts saying this was a known issue and to wait for a fix, but no idea if a fix has been applied yet. If it has, I am still having problems. My account with Uphold has been verified well over a year now and I have updated my DD/KYC with Uphold recently so not sure what the problem is. Can anybody help or advise please? @steeven @Aa-ron ?


i have same problem. please fix it, . if it still be error, i will not receive reward for this month :((


The same problem also happens to me. Is a solution being worked on? we will wait patiently for your reply.


@steeven please check and fix it

I also have the same error. My Uphold account has been verified for more than a year too.
The problem is persistent. I will disconnect and reconnect Uphold to my Brave Creators account, but after an hour the “We are having trouble communicating with Uphold. Try reconnecting” appears again