Uphold Declined my verification request!

Hi there, everyone!
I had signed up for the Brave Payments as creators months ago, however, there has been a issue. Though the Uphold supports the country NEPAL, they declined my verification request. I have been submitting same original copies in every other platform, was getting verification approved but not in this Uphold.

They sent me an email saying;

Thank you for your interest in opening an account with Uphold and for your patience. During an assessment of the information provided during the verification process of your account, and since our account approvals are based on the results given by our verification system we regret to inform you that Uphold is not able to offer you an account due to our verification systems are unable to completely approve your identity.
Please note that your account cannot be manually approved and that the decision cannot be overridden by the Compliance Department. For this reason we kindly ask you not to create new accounts because they will be also deactivated.

Now what should I do if my Uphold isn’t verified? How do I withdraw the payments?
And I was tipped by my friend, but the tip doesn’t show up in the payment dashboard, could it be because Uphold isn’t connected?

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Hi there,

At the moment, Uphold is our only KYC option. We are working on adding Civic support in the following months. You can either appeal your case with Uphold support (we can’t make decisions in these cases) or wait until Civic support is available and try withdrawing then.

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