Uphold blocked my account

hi.i have one problem.i sign up 1 month ago uphold.and i send documents for verification.and now uphold blocked my account.I asked why they closed but they didn’t say me.what should i do now?

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uphold blocked me they rejected my govt id wtf i m.very angry.how can they reject my govt id

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@complex @mynk you may need to reach out to Uphold support team. I’m not sure if there’s anything that we can do to help you.

cc @asad @cory

There’s not much we can do to help you unfortunately. You will need to reach out to Uphold support.

You could potentially be in a geography where KYCing is not available

hmm.i’m from Turkey. but i see too many people in Turkey.all verified users.if you don’t believe me you can go youtube pages.all using this system.do they have privileges?

Uphold straight away rejects government issued id with a message

Based on the results of our review, we regret to inform you that we cannot offer you an Uphold account at this time. Your account has been permanently closed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we wish you the best.

and that’s it.
You can ask support team but no luck. Uphold won’t tell you even the exact reason for rejection.

If Brave is going to stick with Uphold without any alternative payout partners then they are definitely Brave, because if user is not able to withdraw rewards then definitely Brave Rewards is not worth it.

I am using Brave because of its privacy focused features but if Brave Rewards system is there then it should also work.

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many of us want direct withdraw either to a hardware wallet address or some other eth wallet address. uphold is like a major roadblock for us users in this regards because there is yet only one option i.e “uphold”. which doesn’t let us complete KYC like the OP said above. why would anyone also spend money to get KYC’d. this will be major hurdle in implementation/working or something like that. because there are many content creators and referral rewards earner as well. their earning are stuck at “Brave Publisher Panel” and will stuck there until uphold clears them. if not then neither Creators will come on this platform nor the referral rewards earners.
Needs to Implement more methods to transfer or withdrawl without any major hurdles.

We need alternative right now!!!

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