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I’ve created an Uphold account and made KYC, but can’t verify my account on brave.

I’ve contacted Uphold support and they told me that i need to deposit some funds on their wallet to be verified on brave.

I would like to know if this is the way to be verified in brave?

Thank you

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What error do you get when trying to verify with Uphold?
Could you maybe be share a screenshot?
Please, also indicate which operating system you are using.

Unless this is part of the KYC process with Uphold, you don’t need to have any balance/purchase anything in order to connect with Brave Rewards.

What happens when you try to connect your account to your Brave Rewards profile? It should give you a specific error message.


Thank you for your replies.

This is the error:

Error: functionality of limited uphold account

According to Uphold, there are some limitations on your account. Sign in to the Uphold account, check for any pending notifications or account requirements, and try again. For example, you may need to send more information to Uphold.

I’m using Android 11, but I’ve tried on windows pc and appears the same error.

This has to do with your Uphold account. You can log in to your account on and check for any notices/requirements that need to be filled out in your account. Usually, there is a message or warning in your Uphold account saying you need to submit more information.

I don’t know why, but I feel the support person tried to persuade you into buying crypto to be able to verify. As for me, I’ve never bought anything on Uphold and have been using it for Brave rewards solely. I never needed to deposit anything to get my KYC / AML done.

I am not sure if they’ve changed the policies. I was just sharing what I think

I also have the same problem too.


I checked my upload account and i don’t have any notice/requirements to be filled. Checked the status and it was verified, but still can’t be verified on Brave.

Meanwhile, i contacted Uphold again and asked for a solution.

Thank you all for the support

P.S.: Sorry for my English

I also have the same problem too.

I also have the same problem too…

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