Updates not Working

I’m currently stuck on V.0.65.121 using W7/64bit

I’ve always updated when the browser prompts me to, but haven’t seen it for a while so went to check. Trying an update gives me the following message: An error occurred while checking for updates: Update check failed to start (error code 3: [0x80004002] – system level).

Also, when I’m inside a program which has clickable links, It takes me to the old, out of date version of Brave. I normally use Brave as my browser and have no problems with this, or with clicking online links etc - It’s just that through the links within programs, opening a new window brings me to Brave’s message page which says to launch the new version - which it does, but it fails to stay that way using the links again.

Is this a known problem for people opening new windows from program links?

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