Bookmarks gone from browser

Overnight lost all of my bookmarks.

Last accessed my bookmarks last night at 1030pm EST (June 13, 2020). I did not create a profile, I did not sync, I only used brave browser on MacOs catalina. I did not update brave browser. After using it last night, I closed the browser and put the computer to sleep.

Today (june 14, 2020), I used brave browser and all the bookmarks are gone. I did not manually update the browser, I did not delete any profiles, I did not delete any brave folder(s) from my MacOs. In summary, I closed the browser routinely and used it today like I always do. So I am not sure what happened. I had over 100 bookmarks and no, i did not manually create any backup.

Any help to get my bookmarks back?

Thank you.

Current version is Brave is up to date Version 1.9.80 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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officially worse than internet explorer.

Did you have the bookmark sync enabled?
It has screwed me over a couple of times.

Nope. Never occurred to me because I was not planning to updating the browser. I was using brave for work and wanted to keep it separate. never used the browser for anything else. I cannot even find the bookmark folder or macOS because they might be in there.

I am not using this anymore especially if I cant find the bookmark folder. I am in library>applicationsupport>bravesoftware>brave-browser. I don’t see anything labeled bookmarks in brave-browser folder.

Heres a screenshot

What is in this file:
/Users/al/Library/Application\ Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/Bookmarks

It should be an XML file of your bookmarks. It may look like gibberish to you but you should see some familiar items.

Why not try to export the bookmarks and see what is in the file you get. Go to Bookmarks, Manager, and at the 3 dots in upper right choose Export Bookmarks. You should get an .html file wherever it downloads. Go there and dbl-click and it should render.

You have an old version of Brave. Why not update and see if they come back.

I doubt they are really gone, there is just something preventing them from loading.

Let us know if you do any of the above.

Thank you

1 - I included the updated screenshots. In default folder, there is only one file titled bookmark. it is not in XML format. Regardless, I tried to import this file into brave but did not work.

2 - I did export bookmark from brave and it was saved as HTML file. I double clicked it and it opened up in safari. I added the screenshot. It seems empty.

3 - I tried to open that bookmark file with brave and included the screen shot.

4 - I updated the browser. v 1.10.90 - not sure if thats the most update to version. I downloaded it about 5 minutes ago.

That bookmark file is not in the XML format. In that default older, this is the only bookmark file.

Anything else or lost cause?

Yeah, I think it is a lost cause. I have no idea what might have happened. If you have a really good ‘find’ utility (there are several for the Mac… PathFinder and EasyFind … and perhaps search for "bookmark’ and perhaps it got moved somewhere else? It is worth a try. (I don’t think Spotlight search will work for this.

You could try in terminal: find / -name “bookmarks*” but that will output a lot of data but you might find the file.

Okay. Thank you for your help

Any idea why that could have happened? I mean it seems pretty bizarre and no trace of anything. overnight everything was gone.

I can’t think of a reason why your bookmarks file went away.

Have you tried creating a new bookmark? Maybe that will bring it back? (I doubt it but worth a try.)

Here is another off-the-wall theory. Maybe the file is there, but somehow it got ‘hidden.’

In Finder go to the directory where Bookmarks should be and press Command Shift dot (the period key) and see what might pop up.

(Hidden files always have a dot as their first character… like .my-file.txt)


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