Update of switching panels function Ctrl+Tab

Hello there, i work with plenty of opened tabs. I have 50 tabs and i switch between 7th one and 25th one, for example. What i miss in Brave is the Ctrl+Tab function. Actually it works just to go forward or backward (in cycle). But i would like to use the Ctrl+Tab the way i can switch in between actual and previously used Tab(s). Simply switch from 7th tab to 25th and vice versa.

I am looking for maximum productivity. I work with keyboard i.e. hardware keys a lot, and i have no time to search little panel buttons.

My suggestion is to improve the function Ctrl+Tab the way how it works in Windows with the function Alt+Tabs. Btw, same way it works in FF, Vivaldi.
I miss this function a lot in Brave.

I can imagine to implement this new Ctrl+Tab behaviour as an option in Settings.

Consider this, please! It make really sense. Lot of people will definitely use it.
Thank you.

In Brave Nightly for desktop, there is a switch inside Settings called

Cycle through the most recently used tabs with Ctrl-Tab

This should be what you mean. Then, after switching it on, you can cycle through the tabs in a most-recently-used order (MRU).

BUT: Then the same is also true for switch via Ctrl + Page Up, Ctrl + Page Down! I hope this will get changed, so that cycle via “MRU mode” is possible with Ctrl + Tab and simultaneously cycle in “tab order mode” is possible via Ctrl + Page Up/Down…

Yes, exactly. Why both “Ctrl+Tab” and “Ctrl+Page Up/Down” occupy same function?? Why “Ctrl+Tab” is not designed for users they prefer MRU (most-recently-used order)?? It does not make sence. I asked for this feature (at least for ability to set it up in Settings section) a year ago, but nobody answered there… You are the first who react here on Brave forum on some of my request.

The Brave community seems to me a bit stuck compared to another similar web browser forum (i do not want to mention). I did invest quite lot of time to my posts, but there was literally no answer…

So thank you Patrick for your support!