Ctrl-tab-tab breaks MRU tab switching

Thread here requested (and got) MRU tab-switching using ctrl-tab. But it wasn’t implemented properly.

Ctrl-tab-tab places me on the second most recently used. So far so good.

But at that stage, the most recent tab has changed. MRU is the tab I was on when I ctrl-tab-tabbed. So when I ctrl-tab I expect it should go back to that, but instead ctrl-tab switches me to the tab I was on two ago.

Microsoft Windows’ alt-tab-tab is the model. Alt-tab doesn’t actually change the app. It gives a preview of the app that will be changed to. So Alt-tab-tab doesn’t actually change to the intermediate app en-route, it changes straight to the app MRU-but-one and updates the recent-used list. The app I was on when I alt-tab-tabbed becomes MRU, so alt-tabbing takes me straight back to it. Hence I can easily toggle between the two apps I want.

Brave doesn’t necessarily need to implement a “preview” of tabs in MRU order like Windows. When ctrl-tab-tabbing (or ctrl-tab-tab-tab, etc) Brave could simply not adjust MRU order until the ctrl key is unpressed. At that stage the tab I was on when I ctrl-tab-tabbed becomes MRU. This would fix.

Hope I’ve described this clearly. Essentially, it needs to work like MRU tab switching does in most other UIs\OSs. Brave isn’t truly MRU at the moment.

I see there’s are multiple github issues for this, two open, and one closed without fixing.

Can’t hurt to have this thread too. Hope this can be implemented soon.