Ctrl+Tab ordering issue

Recently, the Brave team has added the Ctrl+Tab feature to cycle through tabs in MRU order.

However, there is a very minor change that people who heavily use this feature like me and some friends of mine have noticed. I come from the Firefox Browser and switcheed recently.
If you cycle through apps in your operating system using Alt+Tab, notice that the queue updates itself only when you RELEASE the Alt button. This allows you to “reorder” your MRU list.

In Brave however, the list updates itself immediately as you press “Tab”, not allowing you to freely change the order of tabs in the list. Take some time to test what I mentionned, as it is not something major in the feature, but is messing with me right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Imagine you have Three tabs, A,B and C and they are in the current MRU order(Note: The first tab is the current tab) :
You press Ctrl+Tab, you will have the following order:

You see that A and B have been switched, as intended. Now let’s go back to our initial situation:
You press Ctrl+Tab+Tab, you will see the following order:
This is because the algorithm performed two “switches” instead of one, it switched A and B, then B and C. This means that the next time you will press Ctrl+Tab, you will go to the B tab.
The desired result should have been:
Then when you press Ctrl+Tab, you will be in the A tab, as it is the previously used tab.

I hope you notice this and understand.


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