TAB switching shortcuts

Coming from Firefox, I had two ways to switch between tabs: ctrl-alt+left/right arrow to move left or right sequentially. Then ctrl-tab to switch between last used tabs.

Brave added the option to switch between last used tabs using ctrl-tab. But enabling this causes ctrl-alt+left/right to also switch between last used tabs and not sequentially left/right.

Basically I want to be able to enable ctrl-tab for last used, but keep the ability to move left/ right sequentially using ctrl-alt and the arrow keys.


Thanks for the reply. ctrl+pgup/pgdn follow the same pattern - sequentially when “cycle through most recently used tabs with ctrl+tab” is off, but switches to recently used tabs when it is on.

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Ah - I should clarify that I’m using a Mac - and the combination is in fact cmd+alt+left/right.

In any case, the issue seems to be the same. Until this is resolved, I’ll stick to keeping the option turned off as sequential switching using left/right is probably more useful for me. But be nice to have both :man_shrugging:

Yes, I was completely dumbfounded today by the fact that enabling ‘Cycle through the most recently used tabs with Ctrl-Tab’ changes the behaviour of Ctrl-PgDn and Ctrl-PgUp as well. Please fix this!

Can’t believe this doesn’t work properly.

Please fix/implement this feature. Jumping between tabs that are either right next to each other or at the far ends of the window are things even the most casual users do frequently.

Having separate shortcuts rather than having to touch the mouse for one of these tasks would be a godsend.