Use Ctrl-Tab to switch to the last-used tab (instead of left or right tab)



I decided to switch totally from Firefox to Brave some months ago. The only thing that I still really miss, as dumb as it may seem, is the ability to go back to the tab I was, just before (and not go to the tab on the left of my current tab, which is a useless feature to me).

Just like you can press Alt-Tab to switch between your apps on Windows, Firefox behaves in a similar way using Ctrl-Tab. Actually, in every OS, it works this way. So why not in Brave? Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Firefox make the tab-switch smarter: you not only switch apps, you go back to the last app/tab that you have used. That is hundred times smarter in my opinion: why would I want to switch to the tab on the left of my current tab? Usually tabs are not sorted, so this option seems useless for an efficient switching (especially when you have dozens of open tabs).

It seems simple to implement (keep track of the last-used time of each tab + a tick box in the settings and voilĂ ). Just as Firefox did:

It would be so nice if this functionality could appear in the next version of Brave! I would feel much less frustrated :joy: