Use Ctrl-Tab to switch to the last-used tab (instead of left or right tab)


I decided to switch totally from Firefox to Brave some months ago. The only thing that I still really miss, as dumb as it may seem, is the ability to go back to the tab I was, just before (and not go to the tab on the left of my current tab, which is a useless feature to me).

Just like you can press Alt-Tab to switch between your apps on Windows, Firefox behaves in a similar way using Ctrl-Tab. Actually, in every OS, it works this way. So why not in Brave? Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Firefox make the tab-switch smarter: you not only switch apps, you go back to the last app/tab that you have used. That is hundred times smarter in my opinion: why would I want to switch to the tab on the left of my current tab? Usually tabs are not sorted, so this option seems useless for an efficient switching (especially when you have dozens of open tabs).

It seems simple to implement (keep track of the last-used time of each tab + a tick box in the settings and voilà). Just as Firefox did:

It would be so nice if this functionality could appear in the next version of Brave! I would feel much less frustrated :joy:



Yeah, I use this setting in Opera and it’s great. Now I keep going to the wrong tab in Brave! I’d love to have this as an option.


I agree. This would be a good idea.


I just downloaded Brave to try it out and believe it or not, that was the first thing I tried. To see whether Ctrl+Tab switches to most recent tab!


This should be a basic feature before other bells and whistles are added, since it affects usability and really isnt hard to implement. It works perfectly across FF, Opera and Vivaldi (all of which I use), and is a prime reason why I dont use rubbish Chrome. A bit shocked to see that Brave doesnt have this yet :slight_smile:


This is the only feature I miss from Brave. it would be so awesome to have it

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Not only is this a feature I miss from FF, it is also very common in IDEs.

+1 for this, as its the main feature I look for in a chromium fork.

I found a working solution with this extension “QuickKey”

After install it, right click -> “Options”. Then follow

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Exactly! This is the only feature I miss from Brave.

I think this has been implemented not long ago.


Yes its been implemented. Please see Github for full discussion.