Update Info Links and Size of Upgrade

Greetings, love Brave, why? I do not know, just do, clean lines, quick, not sure, just do.

Anyway. I just received the update notice for for MacOS and the window shows a link to the changelog.md on the github project. it is not clickable, yet it is inside an < a > tag, but i copied the link and put it into the url bar and came up as an error.

I then searched for brave browser on git hub and found it, and read the desktop changelog,.

You may want to update your links on the update notifications.

attached is the update notification with the link.

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Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 16.15.55

Oh, forgot to ask. Why is the update so darn big? 103 MB. is it downloading the entire build?

  • just wondering.

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I will assume that the “a” tag in the update window is displayed as plain text and obviously not rendered as HTML (otherwise, it would be rendered as a clickable link), so not Brave’s “fault” (it’s a Mac thing).

BTW, you can edit your original post, so you don’t have to post multiple post-corrections. So, for your second post:

As a point of comparison - I just ran a system update on my openSUSE Tumbleweed system and here’s the browsers that were updated and their download sizes

Retrieving google-chrome-unstable-83.0.4103.14-1.x86_64 (78/80) 65.3 MiB
Retrieving brave-browser-dev-1.8.74-1.x86_64 (79/80), 75.6 MiB
Retrieving chromium-81.0.4044.92-1.1.x86_64 (52/80), 76.2 MiB
Retrieving MozillaFirefox-75.0-1.1.x86_64 (53/80), 50.6 MiB

And speaking of update notifications.

I spent way too much time trying to find out why I get notifications on my 10.13.6 system and not my Catalina system.

Went through every possible setting in brave and the computer and did not find anything different so i can get notifications about an update to brave on Catalina without having to go to about all the time.

Any Advice, please. thank you.

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