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I’ve just updated the browser, but I have no idea what changes/updates have been made!

Where can I find the release notes or changelog for Brave’s Dev Build?

I have searched and yes there is a lot of topics/questions and replies to this but NOT ONE shows a say site page to got o with a simple explanation of each new update… I’ve seen basically there is no page to explain chages…if not WHY…every other browser has one. Why give me updates yet not allow me to know new features etc???

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Hope this helps!

No that isnt anything simple …and theres no one simple list of changes in english language…i mean if your a developer and want to sift through github pulls and changes etc that are like reading greek…also this link you gave doesnt show the newest dev build. I just got an update to this “Version 1.20.83 Chromium: 88.0.4324.96 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)”

I am not aware if there is any other way to see the changes in all versions than using Github

i know and it sucks because you know chrome browser etc have lists of changes to each release in plain simple terms etc so someone in the developers area has to implement this…like i said i fgot this update that says there are new this and that features blah blah blah, lol…but what are they???

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I give my positive vote to add a section called “changelog” or at least a file where you can see all the changes.


is there a request section somewhere that developers see ? im sure there is i havent looked yet…ill look now

Try with “Brave Feature Request” category :+1:

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