Useability improvement

Firstly, thank you for the Brave browser. With a few minor hiccoughs it does what it says on the tin.

On your downloads page and at other key points on the site it would be really handy to show the latest stable release version? If it’s there already and I’m suffering temporary preipheral blindness, i apologise :roll_eyes:


It’s available at with the Release Notes.

When you download installer from, it’ll always fetch the latest release.


That’s great information, @eljuno, but I agree with @cogit8 that the current version (full spew like on the brave://version page) being posted on every download page would be very nice, indeed. It’s not just Brave that should do this. I tried to find this information on the Chromium and Chrome sites yesterday and came away frustrated. The best one is the “latest snapshot” download site, but there the version number used doesn’t seem to have much to do with the version of the Chromium code compiled (I’m guessing that’s because there are multiple snapshots of a given version of the Chromium code). I just found a way to get the version before downloading - there’s a VERSION file in the snapshot site you get when you click on the snapshot number on the appspot page. The linked example is 747228 and indicates version 82.0.4079.0 if I read it right:


In a similar vein, and maybe there’s a way to do this that I just haven’t figured out, it would be very nice on the releases pages to be able to select just one channel (Release, Beta, Dev, Nightly) to view instead of going from page to page of all of them. It’s probably just my ignorance of GitHub’s interface, but I’ve had no luck using either the Releases or Tags view options.


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