Are Continual Updates normal

for about the last month or so
i keep getting a box at the top right of my browser window
notifying me to Update Brave

i do perform the updates

sometimes i get the notices more than once a week

is this a glitch …or is it normal to have such a flood of update requests ?

right now i see

It looks like your browser is having some trouble updating. If you click Relaunch there, what happens?

i get this new window again asking to relaunch

i’ve just done the second relaunch
and now it says i am up to date

Thank you for confirming – we actually have another user reporting this same behavior. Typically you should only have to update and relaunch one time, but it appears some users – like yourself – are having to perform an additional relaunch/update step.

Appreciate you reporting it, please allow me some time to ask the team for more information.

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