Where is my download indicator?

In the new version the download indicator in the lower tab disapears.
This is anoying because I have to open “downloads” to see the progress.
Is this a bug?
Can we downgrade Brave?




Go to brave://flags/

Disable download bubles


Although I agree with the search bit, chill with the hostility. No one reads any kind of “release notes” if their browser auto-updates all the time in the BG. They just use it and typically expect to work. Not break from some unasked change by daily users who never came here before this issue popped up.

On the note of it being “better”, that’s your opinion. But above all, it should be an option. The answer was given and there was no need to inject your unwarranted rant.


Note to devs: This issue might be occurring due to the size of download history and/or amount of files in the download folder. Haven’t tested it but it might be worth looking into.

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