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I am a verified creator on brave, my youtube channel shows verified mark till last month but in this month my youtube channel shows unverified creator and also i can not receive tip as a support, there is no option to tip, my channel shows verified on android but not on pc. Plz help.

I have done all things like clearing cache files, update brave browser but nothing worked for me.

This is android browser

This one is from PC

My previous post


I’m having the same problem. Brave shows youtube and twitter but not the creator, and I can’t tip them. I’ve cleaned cache, restarted many times, and nothing fixes that.

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I think you need minimum 1BAT to tip

@pulsar no… you are able to tip at least 0.25 bats… i have 2 bats… and i have same problem… @sachin23 on the phone the creator is verrified and i am able to tip it but on the pc i cant tip it…

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did you find any solution?

No… i will wait for an update…

I also have same problem i can send tips from mobile browser but not from pc brave browser it’s showing YOUTUBE AS CREATOR NOT SPECIFIC CHANNEL

yes. Sadly no one from brave is replying or looking in this problem, i personally message them about this problem, but no response from them.

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I am also facing same issue. @steeven kindly see to it.

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Same problem for me.
If i go via android i see both my websites and my reddit channel as unverified.
If I go from a PC, on the other hand, I see the sites as verified but it does not show me the images I have set in the banner

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Keep this topic active guys until find any solution

same problem also in my computer

Any news about It?
Im still in the same situation

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No reply from officials till now, @steeven i hope your team will solve this issue as soon as possible.

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@sachin23 can you DM me the email linked to your account?

Done. I have sent my email to you.

@steeven im facing the same issue. Can you help me?

even if you DM him your email id, your problem will not solve, it’s been 4 days, still my problem isn’t solved.

@steeven What’s the update? i have 3 pc and all have same issue youtube chanel not found can’t tip to youtube chanel in pc.

There is a way for those facing this issue on pc. Just make sure that the profile from which you are opening the page of the person to tip, that profile should be the first profile which opens up when you open brave browser. This works for me I have tried from both of my profiles.